Monday, August 27, 2012

Rocks in the japanese garden

Rocks in the japanese garden - Japanese garden is a garden full of tranquility around it because the nature of this park is its simplicity, which gave rise to a sense of peace. Simplicity is prominent in the use of materials and plants.

Using stones to represent mountains or islands, for example. While gravel or sand in the garden represent the symbol of water.

Natural game is very important in Japanese style garden. Water flow and forms a waterfall in nature as well as its original use in the garden, so it is similar to the strong flow of water from the mountains.

Water is also represented by a small pond or water lines into the park through the blades of bamboo. Scraping the sand represents water round, while in the middle of the gravel cobble represent the island in the middle of water.

In the park, there is little ornaments like lanterns of stone or metal. The bells are carefully placed to illuminate walkways or water, are sometimes also placed across the water to give the effect of reflection.

Later, in the garden path made ​​of gravel or stone. Footing is generally made of boards or rocks or pieces of whole logs.

There is also a good bridge money is often used as a crosswalk or just imagination. Sometimes, in the park also features a pavilion or tea house.

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